Benefits of a Portable Hammock

Beat the heat, find some shade, kick back, and stretch out on your portable hammock. The Kelsyus company makes an entire line of outdoor recreation products, and their line of portable hammocks is an innovative take on this iconic symbol of summer comfort.

According to an instructional video on line, the Kelsyus portable hammock sets up in seconds with no tools required. Simply remove the hammock frame and bed from the convenient carry bag. Set the end of the hammock frame on the ground and, holding the top hook, walk backward unfolding the hammock frame until it is fully extended. Spread the hammock frame to its full width and then lock the brackets at each end of the frame. Hook the hammock bed onto the frame using the rings located at each end, and you are ready to relax. The steel frame construction of the portable hammock stand, with the sturdy outdoor fabric bed, supports 250 pounds. The XL model supports up to 300 pounds. When you are ready to go, remove the hammock bed from the frame, fold it up, and then set it aside. Unlock the frame brackets and, standing at one end, close the frame and turn it upside down. Slide the frame down and fold it closed. It all fits right back into the canvas carry bag, the total package weighing in at only 25 pounds. The carry bag straps allow you to transport it by the handles or to sling it over a shoulder.

The patented portable folding hammock by Kelsyus opens up to a roomy 34 inches by 100 inches. The XL model has a frame and accompanying bed that are 15 percent larger, with enough space to accommodate two people.

Also available is a mesh portable hammock, for quick drying after beach activity or arduous yard work. The mesh bed is black and offered with either contrasting blue or green fabric edging. An inflatable pillow is part of the kit, along with the tote bag included with all of the portable hammocks. The mesh bed model is 5 pounds lighter, weighing 20 pounds. The total dimensions of the packed carry bag for both the mesh and the standard portable hammocks are 8.875 inches long by 7.125 inches wide by 41.375 inches high. The dimensions of the packed XL hammock are 8.875 inches long by 7.125 inches wide by 46.25 inches high. Both easily fit in the hatch of a car alongside the cooler and other beach gear.

Next time you head to the sandy shores of a lake, beach, or even your local reservoir, imagine the comfort provided by a personal portable hammock. Camping under the stars with your hammock is absolutely ideal on a beautiful night. Beach blankets and towels invariably get wet and sandy, allowing little air circulation. In addition, if you brought the family dog, get ready to share your towel and your space. Now envision a portable hammock of your own, above the foot traffic, and easy to brush off rather than shake over your companions. Give it a try and you will wonder how you ever survived without one.